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1098T Questions

The 1098-T form is available to all Pace University students who had qualifying account transactions during the previous calendar year to comply with the American Opportunity Credit, formerly the Hope Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. For specific instructions, refer to the IRS publication 970: Tax Benefits for Higher Ed (PDF) or www.irs.gov for all IRS forms.

529 College Savings Plan

Information regarding how to submit proof of payment initiation to Pace University, Student Accounts Office.

Payment Methods

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Tuition Cancellation and Refunds

Sponsored Billing

Third Party Billing and Sponsored-Billing Requests

Tuition & Fee Descriptions

Student billing is on a semester-basis. Billing statements as of print date are emailed to students' Pace-issued email accounts. Up-to-date account and billing details are available in the Payment Portal. Please note: Students are responsible for all charges, whether or not a University bill is received. Updated semester charges and payments/financial aid/credits are available through the My Account/Account Activity menu option in the Payment Portal.