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Departmental/Network Printers/Copiers, Office/Desktop Printers, Pharos (UniPrint) Printing System

Tuition Cancellation and Refunds

Requests for Team or SharePoint site creation/changes and how-to or training.

Add/Drop Course - Registration Action Form
General Registration inquires and issues

Hardware/Software, Performance/Malware Issues, Equipment Setups/Moves/Disposal

Please use this service to allow us to review the software installation that is currently blocked on your Pace computer.

New Diploma Requests
Replacement Diploma Requests
Electronic Diploma Requests

Graduation Attendance
Degree and/or Enrollment Verification

Administrative Landline Telephones, Voicemail, Call Centers, LanFax, Residence Hall Cable TV.

Looking for Mobile Device Order/Upgrade/Setup? Please use this form instead:

Request creation or deletion of a blog site, user access, or get support for related issues.

Submit an IT quote request for an Adobe Creative Cloud product, or for IT equipment. IT Quote requests are answered in 1-2 business days.

Please use this form to report any spam/phishing or IT security issue that you would like to inform us about. Make sure to include any relevant details and/or attachments.