Tuition & Fee Descriptions

Student billing is on a semester-basis. Billing statements as of print date are emailed to students' Pace-issued email accounts. Up-to-date account and billing details are available in the Payment Portal. Please note: Students are responsible for all charges, whether or not a University bill is received. Updated semester charges and payments/financial aid/credits are available through the My Account/Account Activity menu option in the Payment Portal.

Accessing your Student Account Statement/Account Activity

Go to the Payment Portal and log in to access your latest account activity summary

How can I view account details in Payment Portal?

Once a student or authorized user is logged into the Payment Portal, click on My Account (top left menu option). Available selections/views are:

  • Account Activity: Real-time account activity information
  • Payment History: Report of previous payments made
  • Consents and Agreements: History of all consents and agreements on record

Information about Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 

Graduate-Level Tuition and Fees

Email Student Accounts

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