Pace Portal: Find University ID Number (U#)


The University "U" number is a 8 digit numerical identifier that is used in place of Social Security number at Pace University. Students can retrieve their University ID Number (U#) from Pace Portal.

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Accessing University "U" number

  1. Go to
  2. Type your Pace username (e.g. jd12345n) and Pace password
  3. Click LOGIN
  4. If prompted, enter the 6-digit passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app or hardware token
    Duo Passcode
    • Note: Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Passcode Requirement: Faculty, staff, students and contractors with temp accounts are required to provide an additional passcode to complete their 2-factor authentication to gain entry into Pace Portal. To enroll a device for the first time, please visit Duo First Device Enrollment page. Please see additional instructions for using Duo prompt.
  5. University ID (U Number) is located above your email address
    U Number

Alternative instructions in accessing the University "U" number can be found below:

Students Alternative Instructions

  1. Click Student Home
    Student home
  2. Click on Student Dashboard
    Student Records
  3. Click Student Profile
    Student Profile
  4. University ID (U Number) is located on the top left side of the screen next to your name
    U Number

Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and Staff Alternative Instructions

  1. Click Staff Home
  2. Click on Employee Dashboard
    Employee Dashboard
  3. Click My Profile
    My Profile
  4. University ID (U Number) is located on the left side of the screen under your name
    U Number


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