Contractor/Temp: Account Requests


Note: If you are looking for wireless-only guest access, you should instead go to the PACE-GUEST article.

Only Pace staff/faculty sponsors can request contractor/temp accounts for guests who need advance system access.  This is a self-service system and ITS does not create accounts on behalf of the sponsor. 

  • Note: New employees (staff and faculty) cannot have Contractor/Temp accounts created for them.  They need to wait until their employee account is created.  Any new employee account inquiries should be directed to Human Resources.

Advanced access includes:

  • Computer Login - Log in to a campus computer on the Pace domain
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) - Connect to the Pace network remotely (required to access network resources when off campus)
  • Pace Portal - Access to the Pace Portal (required for Banner INB/Oracle access and for Classes)
  • Banner INB/Oracle - Internet Native Banner and Oracle access (Portal access is required for this, and will be given automatically)
    • Note: Banner INB/Oracle access is handled separately and will not be processed immediately.
  • Internal Network - Access to internal resources, such as Kronos and SharePoint, through a wired or wireless network connection
  • Internet - Access to the Internet through a wired or wireless network connection
  • Telephone - To have a telephone extension created or changed for the person's use (Intended use: Voice, Fax, and/or Modem)
  • Web Storage - Access to the web storage system in order to store/access files on WFS
  • Classes - Access to the Classes Brightspace system (My Pace Portal access is also required)
  • E-mail - To have a Pace Exchange mailbox created

Note: When accessing the IT Resource Access Request site at from off-campus, sponsors must be logged in to Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Getting advanced Access for Guests (Pace Staff/Faculty Sponsors only):

  1. Sponsors navigate to
  2. Click New Account tab
          New Account
  3. Type your Pace Portal Username and Password
  4. Click OK
  5. Type guest's name and contact information including company name, address, and phone number (optional)
    Guest Information
  6. Select Visiting Person, Temp Agency Emp., or Contractor from Type drop down menu
  7. Type additional comments in the space provided
  8. Select date account will expire under When will the account(s) expire?
      Account Expire Date
  9. Check the boxes for requested access under What access do they need?
  10. Place a check next to agreement under Final Step
  11. Click Submit
    • Note: Contractor/temp accounts can take up to 3 business days to be approved and created.
  12. Once a contractor/temp account has been approved and created, the Pace Staff/Faculty sponsor will receive an email from with the account username and a link to retrieve the initial, random password.
    Account Creation Email
  13. The sponsor must log in via the emailed link and retrieve the initial, random password for each requested account.
  14. The sponsor then provides the username and password to each contractor or temporary guest so that it can be activated. To activate the account, the contractor/guest must follow the instructions found in the Contractor/Temp Account Activation article.