Contractor/Temp: Account Activation


This article describes the steps for activating contractor temp accounts once they are approved and created.  The account sponsor will receive an email from the account provisioning system with a link to retrieve the temporary contractor's account username and initial password.  The sponsor must log in via the emailed link and retrieve the username and password, and then provide it to the contractor to activate the account by following the steps below.  Only Pace staff or faculty sponsors can request contractor temp accounts for guests and contractors who need advanced access to internal resources.  For instructions on how to request a contractor temp account, please refer to the Contractor/Temp Account Requests article.

Note: If you are a student, faculty, staff, retiree or alumni, who needs to activate your Pace Portal account for the first time, please refer to the Account Activation for Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni article. 


To activate the contractor/temp account:

  1. Visit the Apps/Downloads/Account Management (ADAM) website at
  2. Click Account Activation located on the right side
      Account Activation
  3. Select Begin Activation
      Begin Notification
  4. Type your contractor/temp Username in the Username field
  5. Type your Initial Pace Password in the Password field (provided to you by your Pace sponsor)
  6. Click Log In
  7. Type your Initial Password in the Old Password field
  8. Type your New Pace Password (see note below) in the New Password field
  9. Re-type your New Pace Password in the Confirm New Password field
  10. Click Change Password and then click Continue
  11. Select two different Security Questions and type in your answers (see note below)
    • Note:Answers are case-sensitive and should be complex enough that others cannot easily guess them
  12. Click Save and then click Continue
  13. Log out when you are done
    • Note: If a contractor forgets his/her password after the account has been activated, the sponsor will need to contact the ITS Help Desk to have the password reset for the contractor.  For security reasons, we cannot reset the password directly with the contractor.


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