Contractor/Temp: Making Changes to Accounts


Contractor/Temp account sponsors have the ability to make changes to all accounts that they sponsor.

Available changes:

  • Change personal information
  • Change requested access
  • Request extended expiration date
  • View history
  • Terminate access immediately


Getting advanced Access for Guests (Pace Staff/Faculty Sponsors Only):

  1. Sponsors navigate to
  2. Click Existing Accounts tab
  3. Type your Pace Portal Username and Password
  4. Click OK
  5. Navigate to the guest account that you want to change
  6. Click on the guest account ID
  7. Select one of the following Actions available under Status on the right side of the page:
    • Change Personal Information
    • Change Requested Access
    • DateRequest Extended Expiration
    • View History
    • Terminate Access Immediately
  8. Make the needed changes to the guest account
  9. Click Submit

Note: Sponsors have the ability to revoke access immediately if necessary.

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