OneDrive: Web Interface


OneDrive for Business is a web storage service part of Pace's Office 365 cloud service. OneDrive offers 1TB of cloud storage which can be accessed anywhere, shared with anyone and accessed using any web browser.

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Signing on to OneDrive via Web Browser

Note: Users who already have a personal OneDrive account associated with their Pace email address may see a message prompt while completing the steps below informing them of the existing account. We recommend that you change that OneDrive account to a non-Pace email address so that there is no conflict between the Pace Office 365 account and your personal Microsoft account. To learn how to do this, please visit: How to add an email address or phone number to your Microsoft account.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your Pace email address, and click Next
    Pace Email Address
  3. Type your Pace password and click Sign in
    MyPace Portal Password
  4. Enter in the 6-digit passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app or hardware token
    Duo Passcode
  5. Click Log In
    Duo Log in
  6. You will receive a pop-up screen which displays "Stay signed in?", Click either Yes or No
  7. Click OneDrive
    OneDrive App

Note: A new tab should open with a web view of your files and folders in OneDrive. You can now view, edit, share, and download your files and folders through the web interface.

Navigating OneDrive Web Interface

The Files screen within OneDrive storage space is the place where you can work with the files already stored in OneDrive or where you will uploaded new files. The toolbar, located near the top of the Files screen, provides access to the different functions available within OneDrive.
Navigation Interface

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Search and find all your online files, folders and links

  1. Click in the Search everything box
    Search Option
  2. Type a word or phrase and hit the Enter button on the keyboard
  3. Click on the file name to open
    Hover over the row of the file and Click on the radio button. Additional options will be displayed (e.g. Open, Share, Copy link, Download, Delete, Rename, Move to, etc)
    Radio Button


Provides the ability to create new Microsoft Office files, folders and links. You do not need to be on a computer that has Microsoft Office installed in order to create one of these file types.

  1. Select New > Folder or Office Files or Link
    New Item
  2. Type in the new text
  3. If option is available, click Create


provides the ability to upload an existing file to your OneDrive storage space.

  1. Select Upload > Files or Folder
    Upload Option
  2. Select the files or folder to upload
  3. Select Open or Select Folder


Triggers a manual syncing process between OneDrive in the cloud and your computer. OneDrive or OneDrive for Business client is needed for syncing.


Creates workflow between other Microsoft apps such as Word and Excel. This feature can allow you to receive notification, collect data and synchronize files without the need for manual input.

Change Views
Change View

The left pane allows you to filter the views of items found on OneDrive

  • Files - All OneDrive files and folders will be displayed    
  • Recent - Shows the Microsoft Office documents were recently opened, regardless if you modified them or not
  • Shared - See items shared with other people and items shared with you
  • Discover - See relevant items, based on who you work with and what you're working on
  • Recycle bin - See items and folders you've deleted


Allows the sharing of files and folders with others by sending a link to the person or group.

  1. Select a file or folder and click the Share icon
    Right click the file or folder and select Share
    Share Option
  2. Click and select from the drop down menu who you would like to share with
    Link Settings
  3. Check off box if you would like to allow editing
    Allow Editing
  4. Click Apply
  5. Type a name (e.g. Doe, Mr. John) or email address. If shown, select from the list of names. This step can be repeated to add more users.
    Enter Info
  6. Type an optional message
  7. Click Send

Stop Sharing

  1. Select a file or folder and click the Information icon located at the top-right of the page
    Right Click the file or folder and select Details
    Details Option
  2. Click Manage access
    Manage Access
  3. Follow one of the stop sharing options listed below:
  • Stop Sharing All Links - This will delete all links giving access to the the item and remove all people with direct access to it
    1. Click Stop sharing
      Stop Sharing
    2. Click Stop sharing to remove all given access
      Stop Sharing Prompt
    3. Click X at top right of the window to complete the request
  • Stop Sharing a Specific Link - This will only delete the link selected that gives access to the the item and removes all people with direct access to it
    1. Click the EllipsisEllipsis next to the link
      Ellipsis Option
    2. Click X next to the link
      X Option
    3. Click Delete link
      Delete Link
    4. Click X at top right of the window to complete the request

Signing out of OneDrive for Business

  1. Click on the letter associated with your name on upper right hand corner
    Sign Out
  2. Click Sign out