Web File System: Shared Files/Folders


The sharing features of the Internet file management system, wfs.pace.edu, are outlined in this article.  For a basic overview of this system, please refer to the Web File System article

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Viewing Shared Files/Folders

Sharing allows other users access to a user’s file/folder.  It also allows multi-user access to a single file/folder.  This is a simple process where permissions must be set first for the file/folder and then shared.

  1. Click Shared Files under Web File Storage in the left Navigation pane
    my files

Note: There are two tables that display titled Items I’ve Shared and Items Shared with Me. The Items I’ve Shared section show files/folders you have shared with others. The Items Shared with Me section show files/folders being shared with you.
items shared

To provide other users with access to files/folders you have shared:

  1. Highlight the Share URL link found under Items I’ve Shared
  2. Right-click on the highlight link and click Copy
  3. Right-click with an opened email and click Paste

To open items being shared with you:

  1. Click Share URL link under Items Shared with Me

Note: WFS provides password protection for files and folders sent to users.  In most cases, users will have to authenticate with their MyPace Username and Password to open files/folders. With a public link,  a password can be generated with custom permissions set by the originator.  In addition, a Public Link can be set without requiring a password for the recipient to open the file or folder.

Setting Permissions and Sharing Files

WFS enables the user to control access to their files and folders with four different permission levels:  View Only, View/Upload, Editor and Owner.

Permissions Descriptions
View only View Only has read access and can download a file/folder.
View/Upload View/Upload has read access, can upload a new file/folder but cannot modify existing files/folders.
Editor Editor has read and write access to a folder. They will be able to upload, download, move, copy, delete, and rename files. They will be able to create folders but not delete them.
Owner Owner has all privileges as an editor. In addition, they can delete folders and change sharing permissions

To Share a File/Folder with Other Pace Users

  1.  Click My Files under Web File Storage in the left Navigation pane
    shared files
  2.  Click to place a checkmark next to the folder or file
  3.  Click Share on the main WFS toolbar
  4.  Click Add User/Group under Share  
    add user 
  5.  Select User or Group under Add User/Group from drop down list
    all users
  6.  Type Full Name of user or group in Search textbox
  7.  Click Search
  8. Click Select next to User/Group
    • Note: If a single user/group is found in a search query, the user/group will automatically be selected. The row selected will be highlighted in blue.
  9.  Select View Only, View/Upload, Editor, or Owner, next to Permission Level from drop down list
    view only
  10. Click Add User/Group
    add user
    • Note Review the User/Group and permissions that was created. Additional modification to the permission level can be made
  11.  Click Save Changes
    save changes
  12.  Click Close Window
    close window

Sharing a Public Link (Non-wfs.pace.edu User)

An individual who does not have a wfs.pace.edu account can be granted access to a file/folder.  Your wfs.pace.edu account lets you create Public Links to share your files and folders

To grant access to non-account members:

  1. Click to place a checkmark next to folder or file to share
  2. Click Share on the main WFS toolbar
  3. Click Create Public Link under Share
    create link
  4. Click drop-down list next to Permission Level
    view only
    • Note: Permissions must first be set to the desired file/folder before you share the file/folder. When creating a Public Link, you will have three permission level options: View Only, View/Upload, and Editor.
  5. Select your desired Permission Level
    view only
  6. If needed, click to place a checkmark next to Password Protect this link
    click check for password protect
  7. Click Create Link
    create link
    • Note: The following dialog box displays:
      anyone with this view link
    • IMPORTANT! The recipient will need the URL, username and password to access file. You must copy the information from the dialog box and paste and send to user via email.
  8. Click Save Changes
    save changes
  9. Click Close Window on the bottom/left corner
    close window


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