OneDrive for Business is Pace University's cloud storage solution that comes with 1 terabyte of storage. As part of the Office 365 subscription, University members can download and install OneDrive on their preferred device (e.g., laptop, desktop, smart phone, etc), where you can securely store, share, and sync your work files across all your devices, and access them from anywhere, at any time online. Microsoft offers two different sync clients: OneDrive for Business Client and OneDrive Client. University-Owned Windows machines installed with Office 2016 includes OneDrive for Business Client.

OneDrive for Business Features

  • Online file storage of 1 TB provided
  • Sync to all of your computers/phones
  • Mobile access to files
  • Share single documents or folders
  • Free license as long as you are an active faculty, staff, and registered student


IMPORTANT!  Sensitive information including personally-identifiable information (PII) should not be stored in any online (cloud) file hosting platform, including OneDrive for Business.


  • Faculty/Staff: OneDrive for Business file storage is available to faculty and staff only while employed at Pace University.
  • Students: OneDrive for Business file storage is available to all current students and expires nine months after last term registered for classes.  All your OneDrive for Business files should be transferred to a personal storage before you leave Pace.

OneDrive for Business is accessible via the following methods:

Note: Microsoft offers two subscription versions for online file storage: OneDrive (personal) and OneDrive for Business.  You may already be using the personal version of One Drive to store documents and other content in the cloud.  This service is separate from Pace University's OneDrive for Business subscription. OneDrive, the consumer service, offers free personal online storage that you can get with a Microsoft account, such as or Anyone can sign up for a personal OneDrive account by going to

Users who already have a personal OneDrive account associated with their Pace email address may see a message prompt informing them of the existing account. We recommend that you change that OneDrive account to a non-Pace email address so that there is no conflict between the Pace Office 365 account and your personal Microsoft account. To learn how to do this, please visit:

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