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For quick reference, below are Frequently Asked Questions about the ITS Computer Lab. Please select your topic below.


What are the hours of operation for the ITS computer lab?

The Tech Zone and the Computer Resource Center (CRC) availability can be found on the Hours of Operation page.

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Where can students go for color printing?

Color printing is available at the Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center computer labs. For a list of all Pharos printers on campus, please refer to the following article: Pharos Printing Locations

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How do I print from my phone?

There are 3 convenient ways to print from a smart phone as listed below:

Note: Print jobs remain on the Queue for 3 hours and then they expire.

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How long are saved files retained on ITS Lab and Electronic Classroom computers?

End-users can save files temporarily on the local hard drive of any ITS Lab and Classroom computer, including the following locations:

All saved files are deleted from user profiles after 24 hours of inactivity, or when the computer is restarted.  This is to prevent the hard drives from filling up, which can degrade performance.  It is recommended that end-users save their files to an external USB drive or email it as an attachment to their own email account.

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Is there a way to access course software remotely?

ITS provides access to course software remotely via the methods below.

  • Computer Lab Remote Access
    As a temporary measure, some of the ITS computer lab workstations and their installed software are available remotely for general access and as part of pre-defined courses.
  • Virtual Desktop
    Access available course software right through your web browser. No need to install any software on your computer.
  • RDSessionFarm1
    Windows Terminal Services - Full Virtual Windows Desktop preloaded with course software. To connect, please follow either the Windows or Mac instructions, depending on the operating system you have.

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Where can I find a list of software that the ITS computer lab has?

Please refer to the following article for a complete list of available software at the ITS Computer Labs: Software List

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