Pharos: Printing Locations


Visit a Pharos printing location to print, copy, and scan documents. Designated computers located in Computer Labs, Library, Classrooms or Common Spaces may be used to send documents to the Pharos Printers. Users may also use the Pharos Mobile Print Option or download the Pharos Print Client to pick up their documents from a Pharos printing location. To release documents, authentication is required by typing in their Username and Password on the printer's on-screen keyboard or swiping a Pace ID Card. Print jobs remain on the Queue for 3 hours and then they expire.


See below for a list of Pharos printing locations from different campuses.

New York Locations

Common Space

  • New York CRC – 1 Pace Plaza, Room W202 (Color and B&W Printing)
  • Henry Birnbaum Library – 1 Pace Plaza, 1st floor (Color and B&W Printing)
  • Collaborative Learning Room - Birnbaum Library, 2nd floor - 1 Pace Plaza (B&W Printing)
  • Clinical Education Labs - 163 Williams St., Room 613 (B&W Printing)
    *Hours : Mon - Fri 9am to 9pm, Sat 7am to 3pm, Sun Closed
  • 163 William Street, 1st floor lobby & 6th floor lounge (B&W Printing)
  • Quiet Study Lounge - 182 Broadway, 4th floor (B&W Printing)
    *Open 24-hours
  • 551 5th Avenue, Room 810 (B&W Printing)
  • 33 Beekman, Room 206C (B&W Printing)


  • W205 – 1 Pace Plaza, 2nd floor (B&W Printing)
    *Available when CRC is closed; otherwise for classroom use only
  • W206 – 1 Pace Plaza, 2nd floor (B&W Printing)
    *Available when CRC is closed; otherwise for classroom use only
  • Birnbaum Electronic Classroom – 1 Pace Plaza, Room E101 (B&W Printing)
    * For Classroom Use Only

Pleasantville Locations

Common Space

  • Pleasantville CRC – Willcox Hall – 1st floor (Color and B&W Printing)
  • Edward & Doris Mortola Library – 1st floor (Color and B&W Printing)
  • Learning Resource Center - Lienhard Hall - L13 (B&W Printing)
    *Hours: Mon - Fri 8am to 10pm, Sat & Sun 9am to 5pm
  • Alumni Hall - 1st floor (B&W Printing)
  • Miller Hall - 3rd floor (B&W Printing)
  • Kessel Center - 2nd floor (B&W Printing)
    *Open Daily 8am to 11pm

White Plains Locations

Common Space

  • Law Library - 78 North Broadway
  • Aloysia Hall - 1st floor


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