Duo (MFA): Bypass Codes for Students


Pace University uses Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for access to designated applications, which helps to strengthen security measures and mitigate potential system access vulnerabilities.  MFA, also known as 2-factor authentication, adds a second verification step by utilizing an enrolled mobile device possessed by the authorized Pace member seeking access to a protected application.  

If you are a student who has lost access to your enrolled mobile device temporarily, you can follow the instructions below to create up to ten Duo Bypass codes.  These one-time codes will expire within 14 days of creation.  If necessary, you can repeat the procedure to create a new set of bypass codes.

IMPORTANT: The following article provides instructions for Students only. Staff and Faculty will need to call the ITS Helpdesk to obtain Duo bypass codes.  
For students, in order for the instructions below to work, you MUST already have your non-Pace (personal) e-mail address on file in your Pace Portal and your secret security questions/answers set up.  Otherwise, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333.


  1. Go to http://adam.pace.edu
  2. Click Create Duo Bypass codes
    Create Duo Codes
  3. Type your Pace Username and Password.
    Adam Login
  4. Enter your Pace Username and Non-Pace Email Address for recovery email to be sent
    ADAM Duo Bypass Code
  5. Please go to your Non-Pace Email Account and search for the following email from accountprovisioning@pace.edu
    Duo Bypass Code Email
  6. Click on the link in the email
    Link in Email for Duo Bypass
  7. Enter your Pace Username and answer the Security Questions
    Duo Bypass Security Questions
  8. The final screen will show DUO codes that you can use one time each and expires within 14 days (It is recommended to write down these codes before clicking continue so you can keep track of them as you use them)
    Duo Bypass Codes Generated
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