Zoom: Updating Zoom Desktop Client


From time to time, Zoom releases version updates to enhance security, fix bugs and add new functionality to its application.  The steps below show how to update your client on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Note: For the Zoom app on a mobile device, users can check and update their version by clicking on Settings and then About on the app.


  1. Launch the Zoom application on your computer
    Launch Zoom
  2. If you’re signed in automatically, go to step 3. If not, follow steps below:
    • Click Sign In with SSO
      Sign In with SSO
    • Type pace in the field and Continue
    • Type MyPace Username and Password and click LOGIN
      Enter Credentials
    • If prompted, click Open link
      Open Link
  3. Click on the user icon with your initials
    User Icon
  4. Click Check for Updates on the drop-down menu
    Check for Updates
    • Note:
      • If a new update is available, a message will appear that says Update Available and it also lists the current version you have installed.
      • If you just want to check your current version, you can also click Help from the drop-down and select About Zoom.
  5. If prompted, click on Update


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