Zoom: Adding a Password to a Scheduled Meeting


The instructions below show you how to add a password to a scheduled Zoom meeting


  1. Go to https://pace.zoom.us
  2. Click Login
  3. Type your Pace Portal username and password and Login
  4. Click Meetings tab and select the topic name of the upcoming meeting you’ve scheduled
    • Note: You will now view the meeting details for the meeting you have already scheduled
      Meeting Details
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and select Edit this Meeting
    Edit this Meeting
  6. If you’re meeting is reoccurring, you will see this Edit Meeting prompt  and select All
    Edit Meeting
  7. You can now edit the details of the meeting.
  8. Scroll down and enable the Require meeting password setting
    Edit Meeting Details
  9. Once the Require Meeting Password is enabled, Zoom will auto-generate a password for your meeting
    Auto-Generated Password
    • Note: We recommend that you change this password to a unique password – including numbers and text. Do not make the password something simple and easy to guess, like ‘123456’ or ‘Pace123’. Use a mix of numbers and letters. Ex: ‘c10Ud$’.
  10. Click Save once the password setting has been enabled


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