Skype for Business: Mobile App for Android


Pace University faculty, staff and students can use Microsoft Skype for Business for instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing.  Those with a Pace telephone extension can also use the Skype for Business mobile app to place calls that appear to come from their Pace extension. Please note that charges may apply if the mobile phone's data is used instead of wifi.


  1. Download and Install Skype for Business from the Google Play Store
  2. Open the Skype for Business app
    Skype for Business
  3. Click allow when prompted for access to the settings listed below:
    • Note: You must allow all permissions for the application to function.
      • Access to your contacts
      • Make and manage phone calls
      • Take pictures and record video
      • Access photos, media, and files on your device
      • Record audio
  4. Type your Pace email address and tap the blue arrow
  5. Type your Pace password and tap Sign in
    Sign In
  6. Enter your mobile phone number
    Phone Number
  7. Complete the series of prompts to finish the login process

Make phone calls from Skype for Business mobile app

  1. Open the Skype for Business app on your mobile device and sign in (if needed)
  2. There are 2 ways to call:
    • Call an Existing Contact:
      • Tap the ContactsContacts icon  in upper right hand corner of screen
      • Select the desired contact and click the phone receiver icon, or their phone number to start the call
    • Call by Dialing:
      • Tap the Keypad Keypad icon in upper right hand corner of screen
      • Dial the area code and telephone number, and click the Call button to start the call
  3. To end the call, tap the End Call End Call icon