Skype for Business: Phone Conference Call


Skype for Business provides an easy way to join phone conference calls anytime without assistance from a Pace 311 operator. This document contains instructions on how to schedule and join phone conference calls via phone or computer. To learn more about all the features available in Skype for Business, please visit

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Getting Started

The following information is needed to establish a phone conference call:

  1. Dial-in Numbers:
    • NYC: 1-212-346-1500
    • Westchester: 1-914-597-8500
  2. Conference ID to join conference call
  3. Personal Identification Number (PIN) - for call leader/meeting organizer only

Note: External callers should dial one of the phone numbers listed above and enter the conference ID.  Internal Pace callers can dial **8 from a Pace phone and enter the conference ID.

The phone conference leader (or meeting organizer) can obtain their assigned conference information at by signing in with their Pace Portal username and password (username format should be PACE\username or The phone conference information (dial-in numbers and conference ID) must be provided to all participants.

Joining a Conference Call as a Participant

  1. Call one of the dial-in numbers listed above (or dial **8 from a Pace office phone)
    You will hear, "Welcome to the audio conferencing center. Please enter a conference ID followed by pound."
  2. Enter Conference ID and press pound (#)
    You will hear, "If you're the leader, please press star now." No action is needed. After a few seconds, you will then hear, "After the tone, please record your name and then press pound."
  3. Say your name and press pound (#)

If the call leader has already joined the call, you will hear, "You are now joining the meeting." You will then hear a tone as you are connected to the call. If the leader has not yet joined, you will hear, "The leader has not yet joined the meeting. Please wait for the leader to admit you to the meeting. Thank you for your patience." Hold music will then play until the leader joins the call.

Joining as the Conference Call Leader (Meeting Organizer)

  1. Call one of the dial-in numbers listed above (or dial **8 from a Pace office phone)
  2. Enter your Conference ID and press pound (#)
  3. Press star (*) and enter your Dial-in PIN
    • Note: You will hear the same system prompts as listed in the previous a section for a participant. To reset your PIN used to control the phone conference, sign on to with your Pace username and password (username format should be PACE\username or Click "Reset your PIN" and follow instructions provided on page.
  4. After entering your PIN you will hear, "You are now joining the meeting as a leader."

As the conference call leader, you can manage participants, audio, and the lobby by using the DTMF commands. The lobby is an online waiting area.

Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) commands are touch-tone codes entered on your phone's keypad. Call leaders and participants can use the following DTMF commands during a conference call:

Availability to Everyone

  • Dial **1
    Description: Play a description of the available DTMF commands
  • Dial **3
    Description: Privately play the name of each participant in the conference
  • Dial **6
    Description: Mute or unmute your microphone

Availability to Leader Only

  • Dial **4
    Description: Mute audience or return mute control to participants. Turning off audience muting does not unmute individual participants. When you turn off audience muting, participants hear a message explaining how to unmute themselves. 
  • Dial **7
    Description: Lock or unlock the conference 
  • Dial **8
    Description: Admit all participants currently in the lobby to the conference. After you issue this command, everyone joining the meeting bypasses the lobby. 
  • Dial **9
    Description: Enable or disable announcements from participants entering and exiting the conference. Announcements are heard by everyone in the meeting.