Computer Lab Remote Access: Connecting a USB Drive on Mac


[‎2/‎16/‎2023 4:59 PM]  Samuel, Danny: 

If you would like to save to a USB drive (aka Flash Drive) while accessing a remote computer, insert your USB drive into the computer you are connecting from. Then follow the instructions below to access the connected USB from a Mac computer.




Connecting USB Drive for Mac computers:

Note Prior to connecting remotely to a lab computer, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the computer lab listed under the Computer Labs navigation
    Computer Labs
  3. Click Connect button next to an available computer
  4. Click Download button
  5. Open the folder where the connection file is but DO NOT open it
    • Note: Files that have been downloaded are normally in the Downloads folder.
  6. With the folder open, open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and place both windows side by side
    Window Side by Side
  7. Drag the connection file into the Microsoft Remote Desktop 
    Connection File
    • Note: The connection file will now appear as a Tile in the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. 

  8. Click the Edit edit icon
    Edit Button

  9. Click the Folders tab
    Folders Tab

  10. Check Redirect folders
    Redirect Folders

  11. Click the Add Button plus icon

  12. Select your USB drive
    USB Drive

  13. Click Open

  14. Click Save

  15. Double click the original Tile to continue connecting to the computer with the Computer Lab Remote Access instructions
    Computer Tile

    • Note: The USB drive is now accessible on the remote computer.  You may browse and save to it as needed.  It is also found under Redirected drives and folders in Windows Explorer on the remote computer.
      Drives and Folders