Computer Lab Remote Access: Connecting a USB Drive on Windows


If you would like to save to a USB drive (aka Flash Drive) while accessing a remote computer, insert your USB drive into the computer you are connecting from. Then follow the instructions below to access the connected USB from a Windows computer.

Note: Prior to connecting remotely to a lab computer, please follow the steps below.


User's with Window Computers:

  1. Click Windows Start button
  2. Windows 7: Select All Programs and click Accessories
    Windows 10: Type Remote Desktop Connection to search
  3. Click Remote Desktop Connection
  4. Click Show Options
  5. Click Local Resources tab
  6. Click Moreā€¦ under Local devices and resources
    Choose_the Devices_Remote_Desktop_Connection
  7. Insert the USB Drive to your computer
  8. Expand the Drives option and select the USB Drive shown
  9. Click OK
  10. You can then proceed to connect to a lab machine by following the Computer Lab Remote Access instructions.
    • Note: The USB drive is now accessible on the remote computer.  You may browse and save to it as needed.  It is also found under Redirected drives and folders in Windows Explorer on the remote computer.