OneDrive: Client to Manage Files and Folders for Windows


OneDrive client provides functionality to sync files between your hard drive and Office 365 in the cloud. This enables access to your content and documents on just about any device — laptops, desktops, phones and tablets — so you can work from anywhere. With the OneDrive client, your documents can be directly accessed from Window's File Explorer on your Window's PC. The following instructions cover OneDrive file management to store, organize and share your work documents.

Note: Those using the OneDrive for Business client on Windows, please refer to the article about managing OneDrive for Business files and folders.

Note: As part of the Office 365 subscription, Pace University students, faculty, and staff receive 1TB of cloud storage. If you have not already installed or synced your OneDrive client, please refer to the article OneDrive Client Sync for Windows.


Open and View OneDrive Folder

  1. Open File Explorer (e.g. This PC, Computer, Folder, etc.)
    File Explorer
  2. Click OneDrive - Pace University on the left navigation pane
    One Drive - Pace University
    • Note: An alternative way of opening a OneDrive folder is by clicking the white or blue OneDrive cloud icon found in the Window's taskbar and clicking Open folder. The OneDrive cloud icon may be hidden. To see all hidden icons, click the Up Arrow up arrow next to the notification area.
      One Drive Cloud options

Cutting or Copying a File to OneDrive Folder

  1. Open File Explorer (e.g. This PC, Computer, etc.)
    File Explorer
  2. Locate the file on the computer you would like to cut or copy
  3. Right click the file and click Cut or Copy
    Copy File (One Drive)
  4. Navigate to the OneDrive - Pace University folder
    One Drive - Pace University
  5. Right click inside of the folder and click Paste
    Paste File (One Drive)
  6. Confirm the file has been synced by looking for a green check icon next to the document or under the Status column within the File Explorer window
    Document (One Drive)
    • Note: An alternative way of copying files is dragging and dropping files within File Explorer. The drag and drop method creates a secondary copy in the new location. All future updates to the file stored in OneDrive allows you to easily sync files across all of your devices working on the latest version.

Deleting a File or Folder from OneDrive

  1. Navigate to the OneDrive - Pace University folder
    One Drive - Pace University
  2. Select the file/folder and press the Delete key on the keyboard
    Right click file/folder and click Delete
    Delete (One Drive Windows)
    • Note: The deleted file is removed from your OneDrive folder and will update on all your OneDrive locations once synced.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

The Files On-Demand feature gives you access to all files without the need to have them downloaded. Files available on the cloud will only be downloaded when opened. This helps free up storage space on your device.


  • Files On-Demand feature requires the latest version of Windows 10
  • Pace employees requesting to upgrade their University machine to Windows 10 must submit a Help Desk Ticket

The status icons listed below can be found within the File Explorer under the status column. Please see below for a brief explanation of each icon.

(One Drive Windows)

  • A cloud icon indicates the online file/folder has not been downloaded to the computer. By opening it with an internet connection, the file will download from the cloud to your  Windows computer.
  • Note: The files/folders stored online do not take up space on your Windows computer unless opened.

 (One Drive Windows)

  • A sync icon indicates the syncing of files/folders are in progress. This includes uploading files to OneDrive and syncing new files from the cloud.

(One Drive Windows)

  • The green check mark icon indicates the file was opened and downloaded to the Windows computer. The file is locally available for use and does not require internet access.
  • If the file needs to be switched back to be only available online, right click the file and select Free up space

(One Drive Windows)

  • The green circle with the white check mark icon indicates the file/folder is saved locally to the computer and is marked as Always keep on this device regardless if you are offline.
  • Note: Files/folders that are saved locally take up space on your Window computer.

If you want to learn more about the Files On-Demand feature for OneDrive, please visit the following Microsoft article.

Select Folder from OneDrive to Sync

  1. Click the white or blue OneDrive cloud icon found in the Windows taskbar
    Windows TaskBar (One Drive Windows)
    • Note: The OneDrive cloud icon may be hidden. To see all hidden icons, click the Up Arrow(One Drive Windows) up arrow next to the notification area.
  2. Click More
    More Buttonr(One Drive Windows)
  3. Click Settings
    Settings (One Drive Windows)
  4. Click the Account tab
  5. Click Choose folders
    Accounts Tab(One Drive Windows)
  6. Uncheck any folders you don't want to sync to the computer
    Uncheck Folders in One Drive Settings(One Drive Windows)
  7. Click OK
    Okay Button (One Drive Windows)

Sharing OneDrive Files and Folders

  1. Right click the file or folder and click Share
    Document Share(One Drive Windows)
  2. Click and select from the drop down menu who you would like to share with
    Select People in Pace University option (One Drive Windows)
  3. Click check box if you would like to Allow editing
    Allow Editing the Document (Share Settings) (One Drive Windows)
  4. Click toggle button to switch between on or off.
    Block Download Toggle One Drive Share Settings (One Drive Windows)
    • Note: When Block download is switched on, the file being shared can not be downloaded. Allow editing has to be unchecked to have this options available.
  5. Click Apply
    App;y Button (One Drive Windows)
  6. Type a name (e.g. Doe, Mr. John) or email address.
    Enter Email/Name (One Drive Windows)
    • Note: If shown, select from the list of names. This step can be repeated to add more users.
  7. Type an optional message
    Optional Message (One Drive Windows)
  8. Click Send
  9. Confirmation will be displayed saying the link was sent. Click the X to close out of the Window
    Link Set (One Drive Windows)