OneDrive: Client Sync for Windows


The OneDrive sync client is available to manage files using a desktop application. To use the desktop sync client, you must install it and sync your library. Once synced, your OneDrive library will appear as a folder on your computer from which you can view, upload, and share. The following instructions show how to install the OneDrive sync client and sync your Pace OneDrive library on a University-owned or personal Windows computer.

IMPORTANT!  Please note, sensitive information including personally-identifiable information (PII) should not be stored in any online (cloud) file hosting platform, including OneDrive for Business.


OneDrive client is available as a stand-alone software. If you want to obtain the OneDrive client, please see details below:

For those users who have Office 365, the OneDrive client is already included. If you want to obtain Office 365, please see details below:


Instructions in syncing to OneDrive client for Windows.

  1. Verify if OneDrive is installed in your computer.
    • Note: If you do not see it listed, please refer to the note above in how to obtain a copy of OneDrive client.
  2. Open OneDrive
  3. Type your MyPace Portal email address and click Sign in
    MyPace Email Address
  4. Type your MyPace Portal password and click Sign in
    MyPace Password
  5. Click Next
    Next Button
  6. Complete the series of prompts and click on Open my OneDrive folder
    OneDrive Folder


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