RDSessionFarm1: Windows Connecting Without Using Pace VPN


The RDSessionFarm1 terminal server hosts course software that Pace students, faculty, and staff can access remotely from their own computers.  The instructions below will allow Windows computer users to connect from off-campus without needing to use Virtual Private Networking (Pace VPN).  If you’re already on campus or connected to Pace VPN, you should follow the Remote Desktop for Windows instructions instead and connect to the computer name: RDSessionFarm1


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Connecting from Terminal Server

Vista and Windows 7 Users

  1. Click Window Start button
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click Remote Desktop Connection under Accessories


Windows 8 and 10 Users

  1. Click Window Start button
  2. Type Remote Desktop Connection in the Search field
  3. Click on the Remote Desktop Connection application
  4. Click Show Options in the lower-left corner
  5. Click Advanced tab
  6. Click Settings
  7. Click Use these RD Gateway server settings under Connection Settings
  8. Type rdgateduo.pace.edu in the Server name field
  9. Select Allow me to select later in the Logon method field
  10. Place a check next to the Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses
  11. Place a check next to Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer under Logon settings
  12. Click OK
  13. Click General tab 
  14. Type rdsessionfarm1.pace.edu in the Computer field 
  15. Type pace\username (e.g., pace\jd12345p) in User name field 
  16. Click Connect
  • Note: If you receive the prompt Do you trust this remote connection?:
    • Place a check next to Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer
    • Click Connect
  1. Type your MyPace Portal Password when prompted
  2. Click OK
  • Note: On your computer, you will see a window showing Initiating remote connection... as shown below. Please proceed to the next step to complete the DUO MFA process on your Duo enrolled device.
    Faculty, staff, students and contractors are required to approve the Duo MFA request on your mobile device when accessing RDSessionFarm1 from off-campus or when not connected to the Pace VPN. The steps below do not work with the Duo hardware token. You must have a enrolled mobile phone or tablet to complete the steps below.
  1. Open the Duo Push Notification on your device or open your Duo Mobile app
  2. If available, click on the green request prompt on the Duo Mobile app
  3. Click Approve
  • Note: After approving the MFA request, proceed to the next step to complete your connection to RDSessionFarm1 on your computer.
  1. If you receive the prompt The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?
  • Place a check next to Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer
  • Click Yes

The RDSessionFarm1 terminal server desktop screen should display:

Disconnecting from Terminal Server

  1. Click the Window Start button
  2. Click the User Account icon
  3. Click Sign out


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