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Banner 9 Admin Pages can be accessed by logging in to the MyPace Portal (

To learn more, view the following Banner 9 video:

Banner access is granted to individual users based on job role requirements. All requests for Banner access must originate from the relevant functional area and must be approved by that area's functional lead. Please click on the appropriate link below to submit your request via the Help Desk system for review and approval (MyPace username and password required). 

Areas for Banner Access Requests:

If unsure, please check with your supervisor or functional lead.


To sign on to the Banner 9

Note: To access Banner 9 from off campus, you will need to sign in to the Pace VPN.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your MyPace username (e.g. jdoe) and password
    Pace Credentials
  3. Click LOGIN
    • Note: Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Passcode Requirement
      • Faculty, staff, contractors, and students will be prompted to enter an additional passcode to complete their 2-factor authentication to gain entry into MyPace Portal. To enroll a device for the first time, please visit Duo (MFA): First Device Enrollment article.
  4. Click the Enter a Passcode button, which will enable the passcode field
    Enter a Passcode Button

  5. You will be prompted to enter your Duo passcode.
    Duo Passcode
    • Note:

      • Users with multiple Duo registered devices can select from the Device drop down menu to specify the device where the passcode number is being generated from.
      • Instructions in retrieving the passcode from a Duo registered device can be found in the next step.
  6. Open Duo Mobile app from your mobile device
    Duo App

    • Note: Users with a Duo hardware token can turn the device ON by pressing the green button and skip to step 10.

  7. In the Duo Mobile app, tap Pace University if the 6-digit passcode is not shown
    Pace University

  8. A passcode is generated from the Duo Mobile app as shown in the example below
    Duo Passcode
    • Note: The generated passcode can only be used once. To generate a new one, click the Refresh  refresh icon next to the passcode.

  9. On the MyPace Portal page, enter in the 6-digit passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app or hardware token

    • Note:

      • You may select, Remember me for 6 days for a particular device/browser being used.
        Remeber for 6 Days

      • This option will allow you to bypass the Duo 2-factor authentication step for 6 days, but it is associated with the device and/or browser used. So if you try to log in again from a different device or browser within the 6-day time frame, you will be prompted for the Duo passcode again.

  10. Click Log In
    Log In

  11. You will then be directed to the MyPace Portal Home page
    MyPace Portal

  12. Click on Banner on the left navigation menu

  13. Click Banner 9 Admin Pages
    Banner Link

  14. You will be directed to page below:
    Banner 9 Admin


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