Pace Portal: Updating Lived Name, Personal Pronoun, and Gender Identification


Pace students, faculty, and staff can update their lived first and last name, personal pronoun, and gender identification via their Pace Portal account by following the steps below.

Note: After updating this information, if you want it to display in the Classes LMS, please follow the steps in the Classes: How to make your pronouns visible in Brightspace/Classes article.


Pace Portal

  1. Navigate to
  2. Type your Pace username (e.g. jd12345n) and Pace password
    Pace Credentials
    • Note: If you need assistance, please call the ITS Help Desk at 914-773-3333 (on-campus phone: extension 33333)
  3. Click LOGIN
    • Note: Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Passcode Requirement
      Faculty, staff, contractors, and students will be prompted to enter an additional passcode to complete their 2-factor authentication to gain entry into Pace Portal. To enroll a device for the first time, please visit Duo (MFA): First Device Enrollment article. Please see additional instructions for using Duo prompt.
  4. From the Home tab, click Update Lived Name\Pronoun\Gender under IMPORTANT LINKS
    Important Links
  • Note: This option can also be accessed via the same Pace Portal site as follows:
    • Student Home: Click the Update Lived Name/Pronoun/Gender button on top right
      Click the Update Personal Information (Name/Pronouns/Gender Identification/Contact Info) link under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY module.
    • Faculty Home: Click the Update Lived Name/Pronoun/Gender link under the ADMINISTRATIVE SELF SERVICE module.
    • Staff Home: Click the Update Lived Name/Pronoun/Gender ​​​​​​​link under the ADMINISTRATIVE SELF SERVICE module.
  1. Click  Edit pencil icon within Personal Details at the top of the page
    • Note: There are other personal information listed that can be edited by clicking the Edit pencil icon next to the information.
  2. If applicable, provide the Lived First Name, Lived Last Name, Personal Pronoun, and/or Gender Identification
    Edit Personal Details
  3. Click Update

Your personal information should now be listed under Personal Details


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