Zoom: Updates


Zoom recently released its latest version of Zoom, which includes updated and new features that are exciting for all Zoom users. To take advantage of the new Zoom offerings, you must be running the latest version of the Zoom client (currently 5.10.3).

ACTION REQUIRED:  We strongly encourage everyone to update their Zoom desktop clients to version 5.10.3.

Please see detailed instructions in the below steps:


Re-Designed Virtual Whiteboard

  • The virtual Whiteboard experience in Zoom has been updated to allow for a more collaborative experience for all users. You can now brainstorm and collaborate on a digital canvas. Zoom Whiteboards can be saved and accessed at any time in either the Zoom Client or Zoom Portal. Whiteboards are backed up and saved to the host’s Zoom Client app, as well!


  • Avatars can replace your appearance with a virtual animal that mirrors your head movements and facial expressions. You can choose an avatar from the Avatar Library in the Virtual Background section of the Zoom Client. The avatars allow you to entertain and engage with attendees without having to appear on camera – for those that are camera shy, but still want to express their body language and facial expressions in a meeting.

Breakout Rooms

  • There have been two new updates added to the Breakout Rooms. The first update allows the Host of a meeting to save both the configuration and participant assignments for breakout rooms, so you can reuse them for reoccurring meetings without having to assign the rooms each time! The next update allows the Host to share content from the main room to ALL of the open Breakout rooms.

Chat Notifications

  • Users can easily choose to hide or show the in-meeting chat message previews. Disabling the chat message previews helps avoid distractions during a presentation, while enabling the chat messages can provide more attention to incoming chat messages and questions from the participants.

File Share

  • You can now share a file within the Chat tab of a Zoom meeting! You can share the following file types during your meeting(s): .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .pdf, and .csv.

Focus Mode:

  • Focus mode allows ONLY the Host of the meeting to see a participants’ camera feed, as well as their shared content. Hosts can also schedule a meeting with Focus mode, in advance, to provide less distractions to all meeting participants. This is a great option for Zoom users who do not feel comfortable sharing their camera/video feed with everyone present in the meeting.

Gesture Recognition

  • This new feature allows for visual gestures, such as a raised hand and thumbs up, to automatically appear on their video feed instead of searching for the option from the Reactions tab.


  • Users can now create and manage a central library of polls for their meetings. You can create or edit polls and use them for any meeting you host!

Video Messaging:

  • Users can send short video messages to others within the Zoom Client.

For more details about the new Zoom releases, please send an email to EdMediaHelp@pace.edu.


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