Cisco Phone: Voicemail Access From Off Campus

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This article will instruct how to access your voicemail from off campus. 

This article is divided into different sections. Please click on the desired link to jump to that section:


Checking your Voicemail

  1. You can access voicemail from outside the office by dialing:
  • (212) 346 1212
  • (914) 773 3900
  • (914) 422 4400
  1. Press the * key when the system answers
  2. Enter your 5 digit extension followed by #
  3. Enter your PIN/password followed by #

Forgot your Voicemail PIN?

  1. Go to
    • Note:The above site is only accessible from within Pace’s Network or through a VPN connection
  2. Use your Pace Portal Username and Password and Login
    Cisco Voicemail Assistant
  3. Click the Messaging Assistant link
    Messaging Assistant
  4. Use the Passwords drop down and select Change PIN
    Change Pin
  5. Enter and confirm your new PIN
    New Pin
  6. Click Save