Cisco Phone: Forwarding/Unforwarding Office Phone Calls Remotely

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Without access to your physical phone calls can be forwarded via the Cisco Self Care Portal


  1. Go to
    • Note: The above site is only accessible from within Pace’s Network or through a VPN connection
  2. Sign in with your Pace credentials
    Cisco Self Care Portal
  3. Select Call Forwarding
    Call Forwarding
  4. Check the Forward all calls to box next the line you wish to forward
  5. Then use the drop down and select Add a new number
  6. You must enter the a number using 9 1 area code and number
    Area Code and Number
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Main numbers can also be forwarded via the Self Care Portal as well, providing they appear on that user’s physical phone. Those main numbers will be displayed on the same Call Forwarding page and can be forwarded using the instructions provided above.


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