Duo (MFA): Authenticating with Duo Universal Prompt


Protected Pace systems are being transitioned to the new Duo Universal Prompt for multifactor authentication (MFA).  This next-generation authentication prompt has a streamlined interface design with enhanced security features.

Below is a side-by-side image comparison of the Traditional and Universal prompts to showcase the different looks:

Duo Traditional Prompt Duo Universal Prompt
Duo Traditional Prompt Duo Universal Prompt


When logging in to a Pace system that uses the Duo Universal Prompt, please follow the steps listed below to complete your multifactor authentication.

  1. Visit the login page for the desired Pace system and enter your MyPace username and password, and click Log In.
    • Note: Pace Email (email365.pace.edu) requires a Pace email address instead of the username
  2. You’ll be taken to the duosecurity.com/ authentication page momentarily to enter your Duo passcode.
    Duo Site
    • Note:
      • By default, Duo will ask for the passcode from your Duo Mobile app. If you’re using a hardware token or entering Bypass codes, click the Other options link to select the appropriate source and enter the Duo passcode
      • Instructions in retrieving the passcode from a Duo registered device can be found in the next step.
  3. Open Duo Mobile app from your mobile device
    Duo App

    • Note: Users with a Duo hardware token can turn the device ON by pressing the green button & skip to step 6.

  4. In the Duo Mobile app, tap Pace University if the 6-digit passcode is not shown
    Pace University

  5. A passcode is generated from the Duo Mobile app as shown in the example below
    Generated Passcode

    • Note: The generated passcode can only be used once. To generate a new one, click the Refresh refresh icon next to the passcode.

  6. Returning to the Pace system page, enter the Duo passcode as generated from your enrolled device (e.g. phone, tablet, or hardware token).
    Duo Passcode
  7. Click Verify button
    Verify Button
    • Note: Depending on your browser and/or version, you may see a Trust browser checkbox on the passcode screen which replaces step below.
  8. If prompted, click the Yes, trust browser button to skip the passcode entry step for a predetermined number of future logins when accessing the system using the same device and browser.
    • Note: We recommend you click No, do not trust browser when using a shared or public device.
      Trust the Browser
  9. Upon successful authentication, you’ll be logged into the system.
    Successful Authentication


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