Brightspace/Classes: Quizzes Evaluation and Feedback Options

Evaluation and Feedback Options

  1. Click and expand the Evaluation & Feedback section


  1. The Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion option will show students their grades immediately upon submitting their quiz attempt.
  2. Synchronize to grade book on publish sends the grades to the gradebook.  Note: If you do not select the auto-publish option in conjunction with the synchronize button, the grades will be sent to the gradebook when you manually grade student attempts and click the publish button.  If do not select either of the below options, you will have to manually publish and manually send the grades to the gradebook via a button in the grading screen.


  1. Decide if want to show students their grades and any question detail upon publishing the quiz results. Note: If you chose not to show any question detail, you can create an additional results view which will the information at a later date.


  1. Use the customize quiz results and edit view buttons to change the default display for a student quiz submission.

6. Click the blue additional view text, to show students scores and question details at a later date.


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