Zoom: Mapping Zoom Cloud Recordings from Panopto to Classes


This article will instruct how to map Zoom cloud recordings from Panopto to Classes. First you need to make sure to provision your course(s) via the Panopto tab on Classes before mapping Zoom cloud recordings.

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Create and Provision a Panopto Folder on Classes

  1. Log in to Classes at https://classes.pace.edu
  2. Select the course shell you would like to provision with Panopto
  3. Once you are in the course shell on Classes, select Video > Panopto
  4. Confirm you have successfully provisioned or created your course folder for Panopto, finding the name of your course (once the page has loaded) – screenshot posted below.

Mapping Zoom Cloud Recordings to Panopto Folder


  • You will need to provision each of the courses you are teaching for the semester
  • Your Zoom recordings must be recorded to the Cloud
  • The Zoom Meeting ID for your course must be reoccurring in order for it to map properly after each class
  1. Once your course is provisioned, select Video tab from the navbar followed by Panopto.
  2. Once you are in the Panopto tab, select the Open in Panopto icon (located in the top right corner).
  3. This will bring you to the Panopto server (https://pace.hosted.panopto.com). On the server, you will see your name in the top right corner. Click on your name followed by User Settings.
    user settings
  4. In the Meeting Import Settings section, select Add New.
    add new
  5. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID you have set up (as reoccurring) for your course (no spaces).
    meeting id
  6. Enter your courses' Panopto Folder (you can search for the folder with the CRN). Click on the folder when you see it populate.
  7. Followed by Save.

Now all of your class meeting recordings will be automatically pushed to the Panopto folder on Classes.


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