Zoom: Using Zoom in a Cisco VC Space


To use Zoom in a Cisco VC space, you will need to schedule a Zoom Meeting. For instructions on how to schedule a Zoom Meeting, review the following instructions: Scheduling a Meeting on the Zoom Server.

Note: Make sure that when you create your Zoom Meeting for the Cisco VC space, you unselect Mute Participants Upon Entry as a scheduling option.


Upon Entering the V/C Room

  1. Once you have located the desktop (or mouse and keyboard), open Zoom on the computer and start your Zoom meeting
  2. Once your Zoom meeting is up and running, focus your attention to the touch panel in the room. If the touch panel is screen is black, just tap the screen to wake it up.
  3. Now that the touch panel is awake, select the Join Zoom option
    join zoom
  4. Once you have selected Join Zoom you will notice that your screen has changed to this image:
    enter info
  5. Select the Numbers option. Once you see the numeric keyboard enter the Meeting ID followed by selecting the Join option.
    enter id
  6. On the next screen, you will select the Keyboard option. You will notice that a keyboard will pop up. Use the numbers on the keyboard to enter the Meeting Password followed by the # pound symbol.
  7. The touch panel will now connect the V/C system to the Zoom meeting and you will see yourself and your participants start to appear
  8. Once your meeting is over, from your computer, you may End then End Meeting For All
    • Note: You will notice that the room system leaves the meeting as well


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