Zoom: Self-Selecting Breakout Rooms


Hosts can give participants the ability to choose which room they would like to join without needing to manually assign them to specific rooms. Both the meeting host and participants need to be on Client 5.3.0 or later to self-select Breakout Room.


  1. Once you have started your Zoom meeting, go ahead, and click the Breakout Rooms icon in the tool bar
    breakout rooms
  2. Enter the number of rooms you would like to create and Let participants choose room, followed by Create
  3. Your rooms will be created but will not start automatically. You can review or edit the rooms prior to starting them. Once you are ready to initiate the Breakout Rooms, click Open All Rooms.
    open all rooms
  4. Now that the Breakout Rooms are open, participants can select the Join button, which will assign them to the specific room they chose


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Tue 5/24/22 12:44 PM
Tue 11/1/22 1:28 PM