Zoom: Protocol for a Meeting with an Uninvited Disruptive Person


As we continue to use Zoom for various events and class meetings, we want to remind you of the procedure that each of us should take to help prevent an Uninvited Disruptive Person from potentially joining a session. This will help minimize disruption and any impact it may incur.


For all Zoom Sessions

  • Set all meetings to require authenticated users.
  • Consider enabling the waiting room for added security.
  • Use a different password for every meeting (when possible).

If there is a Class Zoom meeting with an Uninvited Disruptive Person

  1. End the class immediately.
  2. It is recommended that you check in with your students immediately after any incident. You can do this by creating a new Zoom meeting with different credentials and sharing it with your class roster via email or on Classes.
  3. It’s important that you inform your class what happened, remind them of support services available to them at our Student Success Tools website.
  4. Share that you are reporting the incident to Pace’s Office of Safety and Security, and other University leaders depending on the content and the incident.
  5. Similarly, it’s important that you feel supported. Employee Relations is available at employeerelations@pace.edu.

Steps to take immediately after a session with an Uninvited Disruptive Person

  1. Report the incident immediately to Pace’s Office of Safety and Security using any of these options:
    Call them:
    • NYC Campus (212) 346-1800
    • PLV Campus (914) 773-3400
    • Haub Law Campus (914) 422-4300.
    • Report the incident using the PaceSafe app  
  2. Once the incident is reported to the Office of Safety and Security, they will inform ITS; Student Affairs; the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and other divisions as necessary. 
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