Zoom: Importing a Meeting from the Zoom Server to Classes


These instructions are for those who have already created a Zoom meeting on the Zoom server, but would like for them to be imported to the Zoom tab for their respective course. Importing the meetings to the Zoom tab will allow students to Join the meeting from Classes.

Note: Faculty must still provide students with the password for the Zoom meeting prior to the class session.

If you have not created, a Zoom meeting for your course and would like to do so in Classes, then follow the instructions linked here: Scheduling a Zoom Meeting on Classes


  1. Log in to Classes at https://classes.pace.edu
  2. Select the course shell you would like to import the Zoom meeting information to
  3. Once you are in the course shell on Classes, select Video > Zoom
  4. Select the More button in the top right corner
  5.  Followed by Import Meeting
  6. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID you are importing, followed by Import
    meeting id


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