Zoom: Enabling Live Closed Captioning to Meetings


This article will instruct how to enable live closed captions for your zoom meetings.

NOTE: A.I.-generated closed captioning is not designed to be ADA compliant, however, it does have an 80% accuracy and can still be helpful in the meeting.

For assistance, please contact Educational Media at EdMediahelp@pace.edu.


1. To turn on Closed Captions in any meeting that you are the Host of, select Live Transcript in the Zoom Meeting control bar. If you don’t see the Live Transcript option, select More.
live transcript

2. Select Enable Auto-Transcript to begin generating AI captions in the meeting
enable auto transcript

3. Captions will generate at the bottom of the Zoom window when individual participants in the meeting turn on Closed Captions
caption will appear

NOTE: If Live transcript is not enabled by the host, any participant in the meeting can request that the host enable it by selecting Live Transcript from the meeting control bar (or from the More tab).


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