Zoom: Connecting a HyFlex Station via Zoom Server


The instructions below show you how to connect a HyFlex station via Zoom server.


  1. Click to open the Zoom Application on the classroom desktop
  2. Select Sign In
    sign in
  3. Open the Zoom Client once it has installed and select the SSO icon
  4. Type pace in the Company Domain, followed by Continue
  5. You will be redirected to a webpage, where you will need to enter your Pace username and Pace password. Once you have entered your Pace credentials and select LOGIN.
  6. A prompt will appear asking you if you want to Open Zoom. Select Open Zoom.
    open zoom
  7. Once the Zoom client has launched, open a browser and type https://pace.zoom.us in the web address for the Pace Zoom server
    zoom website

  8. Click on the Login button in the top right corner

  9. Enter your Pace username and your Pace password, followed by LOGIN

  10. After logging in, click on the Meetings tab to find the class meeting you created on Zoom. Select Start.

  11. Select Open Zoom Meetings
    open zoom meetings
  12. Once your Zoom Meeting has launched, click on the up arrow ( ^ ) next to Participants from the meeting controls menu. Select Invite.
  13. Select the Zoom Rooms tab, and in the Type to filter bar – search for your desired HyFlex classroom. Once the room is selected, click Invite.
  14. Ensure to Mute the Zoom app audio, to prevent feedback
    mute or unmute .
  15. When joining a meeting using the Hyflex station that is being recorded, you must provide consent by selecting “Got it “on the touch panel of the Hyflex station.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Once you’ve provided consent, your Microphone and Video settings will revert to the default for that meeting.
  16. Check Touch Panel on Hyflex station to ensure that the Microphone is Unmuted and that the Video has started. Also ensure that the Audio level is turned up. 

    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
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