Panopto: Enabling Video MP4 Downloads for a Panopto Folder


By default, ONLY the creator of the Panopto recording and site-wide administrators have access to download recordings from the Panopto server. This can be changed to allow a wider group access to download just one Panopto Recording or an entire folder of Panopto recordings.

To enable Video Downloads for just ONE of your recordings on Panopto, click the following article link: Panopto: Enabling Video MP4 Downloads


  1. From within the folder, select the Settings icon from the upper-right corner
  2. Once you are in the Settings tab, scroll down to Downloads option
  3. Select the Download enabled drop-down menu
    use site
  4. Select one of the following Download enabled options:
    • Use site default: The folder will use the default site-wide setting as set by the site administrators. See Admins, Videographers, and Creators below.
    • No one: No one can download the Panopto recording.
    • Admins only: Only site-wide Administrators can download the recording.
    • Admins, videographers, and creators only: Site-wide administrators and videographers as well as the folder’s creators will be able to download the recording. This is the default option.
    • Authenticated users with access: Only users who have access to the video and are authenticated into Panopto (with their Pace credentials) will have the option to download.
  5. Once you select an option, the Panopto will automatically save your changes. Any viewers who were granted downloading access will now see the download icon in the upper right corner of the Panopto recording.
    • Note: Users that do NOT have the ability to download (per your Download enabled selection) will NOT see the download button when they view the Panopto recording.


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