1PP CIVIC: W502, W503, W504, W505, & W507


This article will instruct how to use the teachers podium and display in 5th floor of 1 Pace Plaza CIVIC W502, W503, W504, W505, & W507.


  1. Locate the touch-panel located on the wall near the podium
  2. Select Start System
    start system
  3. Select from the following source you would like to display to the class.
    • Dedicated PC: If you select this source, you will display the PC built in to the podium.
    • Laptop: If you select this source, you will display your personal Laptop device. Please note, that for this option, your Laptop must be connected to the HDMI cable available on the podium.
      • If you are using a Mac or Laptop that does not have an HDMI port accessible, we strongly recommend that you either use the Dedicated PC source or bring a suitable HDMI adapter based on your personal device.
    • Board Capture: If you select this source, you will display the images/notes captured by the camera above the glass board.
      dedicated pc
  4. If you would like to Mute or Unmute your displays, selecting Mute Video will put the projector to sleep rather than turning it off
  5. You may adjust or mute the volume in the room using the controls on the Touch Panel
    adjust volume
  6. Only when using the Dedicated PC source and connecting your class to Zoom, you can mute and unmute the room microphone by selecting the Microphone icon
    microphone icon
  7. If you would like to only use one Display/Screen at the front of the room, you can select the Settings icon to turn a Display On or Off and bring the projector Screen Up or Down
  8. When you are finished with class, you may shut down the system by selecting the power icon in the bottom left of the screen
    power off
  9. Then select the green check option
    green check
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