163 WM: 1315, 1320, 1330 & 1335


This article will instruct how to use the teachers podium and display in 13th floor of 163 William Street 1315, 1320, 1330 and 1335.


  1. Locate the Button-panel located on the wall next to the podium
  2. Select ON
    click on
  3. Once you've selected ON the TV’s or Projector in the room will power on (it will typically auto-source to the desktop image)
  4. Now that the system has booted on, select the source you wish to use. You may source the projector to PC or you may source it to HDMI.
    choose a source
  5. If  you would like to  adjust the Volume of the selected source, use the Volume knob as shown below
    choose the volume
  6. You may toggle the Screen Up and Screen Down to utilize the white board in the room
    screen up and down
  7. When you are finished with class, you may shut down the system by selecting OFF
    turn off


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