This article will instruct how to use the teachers podium and display in 2nd floor of 1 Pace Plaza CIVIC W211.


  1. Locate the touch-panel located on the wall near the podium
  2. Select Start System
    start system
  3. Once you’ve selected Start System the screen will start to come down and the projector will turn on (it will typically auto-source to the desktop image)
    system initializing
  4. Now that the system has booted on, select the source you wish to use. You may source the projector to Dedicated PC or you may source it to your laptop via Laptop HDMI or Laptop VGA (You may need an adapter depending on your device)
    dedicated pc
  5. If you would like to Mute or Unmute your displays, selecting Mute Video will put the projector to sleep rather than turning it off
    mute video
  6. If you would like the to adjust the screen up or down to utilize the whiteboard, you may use the Projector Screen option to toggle the screen up and down
    projector screen
  7. You may adjust or mute the volume in the room using the touch panel (See image below). If you prefer, you may also use the regular volume adjustment on your local computer or laptop
  8. If you are ever stuck and need assistance, you may select the Help option
  9. It will display the number for our Educational Media office line
    edmedia support contact
  10. When you are finished with class. You may shut down the system by selecting the power option in the bottom left of the screen.
    turn the power off
  11. Then select the green check option
    click green checkmark


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