Examsoft: Syncing Blackboard Courses


This article shows how to syncing Blackboard courses with Examsoft.


  1. Go to https://ui.examsoft.io
  2. Enter your login credentials
  3. At the top-right, click Admin > Global Settings
  4. At the top-left, click LMS Settings
    LMS Settings
  5. Click Edit Sync Settings
    Edit Sync Settings
  6. A list of currently-synced courses will be displayed
    Currently Synced Courses
  7. Using the search field…start typing a part of the course name for a course you want synced. In the below example, I used the word, “ultra”. Then click on the Course name containing: text
    Ultra Example
    Course Name Containing
  8. Now that you see the course in the filtered list of course names, click the plus sign to the left of the title…which adds it to the new sync list. The course will then have a checkmark next to it.
    Filtered list of Course Names
  9. Click the Edit Sync List button
    Filtered List of Courses
  10. The new course will be in the list, but the details will probably need to be completed.
    New Course
  11. Click the edit pencil on the far-right of the row with the course to be added to add the department, start and end dates…and hit Save at the top-right
    Edit Pencil
  12. After the new course is successfully in the sync list, the course will be synced at 2am the next day. You can also manually sync the courses by going back to the LMS Settings page.
    Sync Data


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