ePortfolio: How to Create A Group


This tutorial will show you how to create a group, manage membership, and add group information.


  1. Log in to ePortfolio and click Groups from the Engage dropdown in the Main Menu. 
  2. Click on Create Group
  3. Start off by naming your group. You can also write a description for your group if you would like.
  4. Adjust the membership and privacy settings to your liking
  5. When you are done, scroll down and click Save group. You should be directed to your newly created group page.
  6. The About tab gives you the general information about your group. You can edit the title, description and settings by clicking Edit.
  7. The Members tab is where you can search and view the members in your group
  8. The Forums tab is where you can view and create forums for your group to communicate under. Click the title of the forum to enter the discussion. Members can contribute to the form discussion by adding topics.  
  9. Pages and collections tab allows group members to create pages and collections within the group. Members can copy group pages and place them in their personal ePortfolio.
  10. The Share tab allows you to set the share settings for the group’s pages/collections.
  11. In the Files tab you can upload and manage files to be shared with your group. You may allow group members to edit these files.


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