Brightspace/Classes: Create a Group Category


This article shows how to create a group category within your course.


  1. On the navbar, click Tools and select Groups
    • Note: You will create you group category. Categories are collections of related groups. Example: Course 101 has 15 students, and there will be group midterm presentation. Each group will have 5 students (3 groups). To facilitate this in Classes, the instructor can create a Midterm Presentation category, that will have 3 groups of 5 students each.  
  2. To begin, click on the New Category button
    New Category
  3. Fill in the Category name
    New Category
  4. Choose the Enrollment Type
    • # of Groups – No Auto Enrollments – set the number of groups, and the instructor will manually assign students
    • Groups of # – set the group capacity, i.e. “groups of 4”
    • # of Groups – set a group limit, i.e. “7 groups total”
    • Groups of # – Self Enrollment – set the group capacity and allow students to self-enroll
    • # of Groups, Capacity of # – Self Enrollment – set the group capacity and number of groups, and allow students to self-enroll
    • Single user, member-specific groups – set up groups of 1
      Enrollment Type
  5. Depending on which type of Enrollment you chose, you will have fields to fill in regarding number of groups, number of users, and other enrollment-related options.
  6. Decide which Additional Options you would like:
    • Set up Discussion areas – This will set up a Discussion Item that only group members can use. The instructor can also view and participate in the discussion
    • Set up lockers – We advise against using Lockers for sharing files.
    • Set up assignment submission folders – This allows you to immediately create an Assignment that will be associated with these groups. This assignment will allow a group submission. You can also create a group assignment later following these instructions.


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