Brightspace/Classes: Tracking Physical and Virtual Attendance


This page illustrates how to take attendance using two different types of attendance (i.e., physical and virtual). This works when the instructor manually enters the attendance in the list mode. It does NOT work if you use the check-in method, where a student checks in on a phone.


  1. Go into your course
  2. Click Attendance in your course menu
  3. Begin Setup or go into the Settings page
  4. Scroll down to the Attendance Statuses area
  5. Turn the Present status off
    Attendance Statuses
  6. Click Add Status and enter the below information for each status (colors can be anything you wish)
    Add Status
  7. Click Save Settings at the bottom-right
  8. Now, when taking attendance, you have the ability to choose how the student attends the session
    Take Attendance
  9. The resulting attendance record indicates the method of attendance
    Attendance Record


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