Brightspace/Classes: Create an Assignment


Learn how to create an assignment in Classes.


  1. Click Activities and select Assignments from the blue navbar
  2. Select New Assignment
    new assignment
  3. Enter a Name for the assignment
  4. (Optional) If grading, enter a score in the Score Out Of box. This will automatically create a grade item in Grades
  5. (Optional) Add a Due Date to put this assignment in the Course Calendar. Students can submit after the due date, but will be marked as late.
  6. (Optional) In the Instructions section enter any instructions the students need to know to complete the assignment.
  7. You can attach required documents or links by using the different attachment options
  8. You can also attach a video or audio recording if you want to provide instructions verbally for the assignment
  9. Select Availability Dates & Conditions
    Availability Dates & Conditions
  10. (Optional) Select a Start Date and Time
  11. (Optional) Select Before start: Visible with access restricted to choose the assignment's availability settings before the start date
    Before start: Visible with access restricted
    • Note: The Visibility Toggle takes precedence over any settings enabled under Availability Dates & Conditions. The toggle must be switched to Visible for students to be able to view the assignment at the desired time. If the toggle is switched to Hidden, students will not be able to view the assignment.
      Visibility Toggle switched to Visible
  12. (Optional) Select an End Date
  13. (Optional) Select After end: Visible with access restricted to choose the assignment's availability settings after the end date
    After end: Visible with access restricted
  14. (Optional) Click Add Release Condition to create a new or attach an existing release condition to the assignment
    Add Release Condition
  15. (Optional) Click Manage Special Access to make the assignment available to a select group of users or provide individualized due dates
    Manage Special Access
  16. Select Submission & Completion
  17. Select the Submission type for the assignment:
    • File submission - students submit a file in D2L (Word, PDF, etc.).
    • Text Submission - students write their response in a textbox.
    • On paper submission - students turn in the assignment to the instructor.
    • Observed in person - the assignment is performance based (presentation, recitation etc.).
  18. Click Save and Close


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