Brightspace/Classes: Adding a Rubric to an Assignment


This article will instruct how to add a rubric to an assignment.


  1. Click Activities and Assignments in the navbar
    activities > assignment
  2. Edit an existing assignment or create a new assignment
  3. Once in the assignment editing screen, click the dropdown arrow in the Evaluation and Feedback section to expand the options
    dropdown arrow
  4. Click Add Rubric
  5. If you already have a rubric created, click Add Existing
    add existing
  6. To preview a rubric before choosing it, click the preview icon
    preview rubric
  7. To add the rubric, select it by clicking the checkbox and click Add Selected
    add selected
    • Note: You can add more than one rubric to an assignment.
  8. To create a new rubric and attach it, click Add Rubric and Create New
    create new
  9. Type the Title the rubric and add all grading criterion
    edit rubric
  10. Click Attach Rubric
    attacg rubric
  11. Continue editing the assignment and press Save and Close


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