Classes: Create a Grade Category


This article will teach you how to add a grade category to your course.


  1. Navigate to the Course that you’d like to add the category to
  2. Click Achievement and then select Grades
    achievement tab
  3. Verify that you are on the Manage Grades page
    manage grades
  4. Click the New button and select Category
    new > category
  5. Enter name of category in Name field
  6. For Weighted Grade book only, In the Grades section enter the weight for this category in the Weight field (ie. 20 for 20%)
  7. In the Distribution section, select how weights or points of individual items within the category will be handled. The option Distribute weight or points evenly across all items will allow you to be flexible with the amount of items and to drop a certain number of items from the final grade.
    distribution section
  8. Click Save and Close


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