Brightspace/Classes: Use the Gradebook Setup Wizard


This article shows you how to use the Gradebook Setup Wizard. It is recommended that you run the gradebook setup wizard prior the semester start for a course, regardless of how you build your grade items.


  1. Go to
  2. Select your course
  3. From the nav bar click Achievement then Grades
    nav bar
  4. Click the Setup Wizard link under the navbar.
    setup wizard
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Start

There are 7 steps in the wizard:

Step 1: Grading System 

Select the radio dial next to your choice of grading system.  The grading system determines how your final grades are calculated.

  • Weighted: This choice will calculate your final grade on a weighted total basis. Each assignment, or category will contribute to the final grade based on the percentage you assign it.
    • Ex: Homework = 30%
    • Discussions = 20%
    • Mid-Term Exam = 20%
    • Final Exam = 30%
  • Points: This choice will sum the total points achieved on each gradebook item and then assign a final grade by dividing those points by the maximum total points.
    • Ex: Assignment 1 = 10 points
    • Mid-Term Exam = 25 points
    • Final Exam = 40 points
    • The total points for the course is 75. If a student receives 75/75, they achieve a final percentage of 100%.  If they receive 63/75, they achieve a final percentage of 84%.
  • Formula: This choice requires that you enter a custom formula to calculate the final grade. The formula is based on points assigned to a grade item, and can incorporate conditions into the formula to manipulate numeric outcomes.

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Step 2: Final Grade Released

  • Calculated Final Grade: This choice will display the system generated final grade (or running total grade).  These Grades cannot be overwritten without changing the grades of individual assignments.
  • Adjusted Final Grade: This choice allows you to modify the final grade before it is released to the student. You must enter a final grade for each student if this choice is selected.
  • Automatically release final grade: When checked, the system automatically shows students the grade in one of the two columns above. If unchecked, you must manually make the final grades visible.

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Step 3: Grade Calculations

  • Ungraded Items: This choice determines the value of ungraded items and how they contribute to the running final grade total.
    • Drop ungraded items: The running total will only use grade items which have been assigned a grade in its calculations.
      • Note: Zeroes must be assigned for all grade items which earn no points. If zeroes are not entered, student grades will appear artificially high.
    • Treat ungraded items as 0: This option assigns zeroes to all ungraded grade items. Running final grades will appear low at the beginning of the semester and will gradually increase as items are graded.
    • Auto Update: Final grades are automatically adjusted when changes are made to grade items or calculation options.

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Step 4: Choose Default Grade Scheme

If content has not been copied into your course, the only grade scheme available to choose is the organization percentage scheme.  If other schemes are displayed, you can choose them here otherwise, a scheme can be created later.

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Step 5: Managing View Display Options

Indicate the number of decimal places between 0 and 5 that grade items should be displayed to.

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Step 6: Student View Display Options

  • Grade Details: Choose the display options for students which will be displayed for each grade item.
  • Decimals Displayed: Indicate the number of decimal places between 0 and 5 that grade items should be displayed to.
  • Characters Displayed: This setting determines how many characters of a Text grade item display on the user list.
  • Final Grade Calculation: This setting determines whether users can see how their final grade was calculated in the student view of Grades.

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Step 7: Grades Setup Summary

Shows a summary of the options chosen.

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