Classes: Create a Rubric


This article will instruct how to create a rubric for your course.


  1. In your course, click on the Tools group link and Rubrics
  2. Click the New Rubric button
    new rubric
  3. Type the Name of the rubric
    name the rubric
  4. Label the various levels of the rubric and edit the points
    add points
  5. Click the trash can to delete a level or click the plus sign to add level
    click the plus sign
  6. Enter the grading criterion and any initial feedback
    put initial feedback  
  7. Add Criterion (rows) or click the trash can to delete them as necessary
    add criterion
  8. You can add criteria groups to a rubric by clicking the Add Criteria Group button
    add criteria group
    • Note: If you create multiple Criteria Groups, your rubric will contain multiple grids for one assignment. See below for an example.   
      multiple creteria groups
  9. Scroll down to the Overall Score section. Enter the level of achievement title, score the achievement level begins at and any comments you would like assigned to each section.     
    overall score
  10. Expand the rubric Options
  11. Select the desired Rubric options
    rubric visibility
  12. Press Close to save


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