How to Request a Service (Submit a Ticket) in TeamDynamix Help Desk

IMPORTANT: The following areas have not moved to TeamDynamix Help Desk yet.  You must go to Web Help Desk to submit a ticket.  Click a link below to be redirected to that specific area.

Development & Alumni Relations
Dyson Advising
Dyson MCVA Lab
Lubin Graduate Advisement
Mail Services
Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Rearch (OPAIR)
Pace Online Program
Registrar's Office
Veterans Affairs

For areas already migrated to the new TeamDynamix Help Desk, visit the Service Catalog page.  You can also review the steps below for submitting a new request and/or viewing tickets already submitted.

Submitting a Service Request (Ticket)

  1. From the Help Desk Client Portal Home Page, click the Submit a Ticket button (right-side box on page) to select a service from one of the Help Desk areas and submit a ticket request.

    Note: You can also click Services on the top blue toolbar, or the Search Services button in the middle of the page, which will display listed categories and/or services for each University area represented in the Help Desk.


  1. Click a category to display related services and read the service description (where applicable).  Each service displays a blue button to the right to request that service (e.g. Submit Request).

  2. Click the blue Request button to access the ticket request form for the service.

    Note: Some services are public and do not require a login.  For other services, you’ll need to log in with your MyPace username, password and Duo MFA passcode.
  3. Fill out the service request form and click the Request button at the bottom of the form to submit it (see sample button to the right).  You should receive an email confirmation from the Help Desk system about your ticket submission.


Viewing Pending/Submitted Tickets

  1. On the Help Desk Client Portal Home Page, click the My Ticket Status button and sign in with your MyPace username, password and Duo MFA passcode.

  2. The Ticket Requests page will display showing any pending tickets you have submitted.  You may also use the Search feature on top to locate previous tickets based on different criteria (e.g. Ticket ID, Status, Created, etc.).

    Note:  Whenever another end-user adds you as a contact on a ticket they created (for accounts only), you will also see those tickets, but the requestor will be the other person who created the ticket.


Adding Services to Favorites

If there’s a service that you request often, you may want to add it to the My Favorites section, so you can quickly access it next time.

  1. While logged in, navigate to the desired service and click the Add to Favorites button on the right side of the service page.

  2. The service will be added to your My Favorites section.  To see your favorited service, click Services on the top blue toolbar and then click My Favorites from the listed options that display under it (in gray submenu).  You can quickly access My Favorites from other screens, as long as you’re logged in.  Just click Services on the toolbar.


Signing Out of Help Desk

On the top right of the screen, click on your name and choose Sign Out.


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